One of the primary things you do to add an individual touch to your space is by hanging things on the wall. You can hang your photographs, your artworks, yet one thing that pretty much all that you may set up will share for all intents and purpose is that they’ll all be in frames. But if diverse style is what sets one apart from the other, at that point if everything on your wall is framed, it can be uniform and dull and you will be like everyone else. Luckily, with regards to styling the walls, you can style it using other things aside from framed objects. Here are some alternatives to framed decors that are certain to give your home a crisp new look.

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1. Baskets

Basket what? Artisan ones. And yes, you can hang baskets. People from South East Asia hang their functional baskets one the walls. When displaying a wall story in your home, think about hanging up baskets. There are such a large number of various weave, design, and sizes with baskets that, when used together, they can have a solid visual effect in any room. A sensational, attention-catching course of action is actually simple to make. Just ensure that your course of action is a blend of these three characteristics: pattern, size, and color. If you are looking for ways to add a natural touch to your space, then you might want to start with this.

2. Tapestries

Originally used during the late centuries and in particular, in the castles, tapestries or also known as macrame, have made their way back into today’s interior design. These hand-woven embroidered works of art make for an excellent option to framed decors. They add a one of a kind surface and color to any space in your home while covering a decent measure of wall space. On the off chance that you are intending to use a tapestry or two, consider setting them in a passage, or as an accent decor on a wall in the corridor. BY doing so, you and the majority of your guests can appreciate this interesting sight as you’re walking by.

3. Blankets

For the most part, we only use blankets when the weather is cold, when we have picnics, or when we are sick. And when the weather’s warm, we store them away. But blankets can actually be a great wall décor. Not that you use your picnic blankets to decorate and style the wall, but you get the point. Decorative blankets can make for an excellent décor on large and empty walls, or use it to mimic a headboard in your room. Apartments and spaces with high ceilings will greatly benefit from a decorative blanket rather than occupying the space with at least 20 frames. Plus, it will be less heavy on your time and your wallet.

Make your walls ready for anything you hang on them even if they’re framed decors. Drywall Denver will help you with your drywall needs.